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Training any dog requires consistentcy, committment and patience. We promise that your perseverance will pay off and help in building a loving relationship with greyhound.

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Greyhounds are naturally quite lazy and exercise in short bursts. They spend a lot of time sleeping. 2 x 20 mins walks per day can suffice with free exercise as wanted in the garden. Watch out for that ‘Whirling Dervish’ moment in the garden!

Most can walk or run further but this needs to be built up gradually. Avoid walking in very hot weather. If going out for the day or travelling by car always carry water with you. See Health.

Always use a Fishtail Collar as provided on adoption and do up snugly just behind the ears. Or you may find yourself walking an empty collar and lead!

Most Greyhounds walk very well on a lead – they are used to it and most will walk by your side ( nose to knee) in a calm, relaxed manner. However, a passing small animal or some other distraction may prompt a sudden lunge so always make sure you have the end of the lead securely held. Placing your hand through the loop of the lead then catching the lead loosely 10 - 12 inches from the collar to keep your dog comfortably at your side is good for normal road walking.

If your dog reacts badly to other dogs avoid the temptation to drag the dog away. Far better to stay calm and stand still while reassuring the dog – they need to know you are in charge and everything is fine.

Always carry your poop-scoop or plastic bag with you