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Flash's Story

Thought I’d tell you my story, after all it does have a happy ending.

Up until about two years ago I had spent my whole life, nearly six years, in kennels, first racing and then when I was retired looking for a home. I so much wanted someone to love me but, for reasons I can’t explain, I was scared of people, particularly men. When I was shown to someone who wanted to adopt a greyhound I’d pull away and try to hide.

Then one Saturday I was taken out of my kennel to meet yet another couple but, this time, when I was introduced for some reason I wanted to say ‘hello’. They seemed really nice and friendly and yes, I liked them. Then I was put back in my kennel and everything seemed slightly greyer.

A few days later I was taken out again and there was the man I had met on the Saturday and he coaxed me into his car and took me away. After a short drive he got me out of the car and took me into what I now know is called a house. It was a lovely day and I spent most of the afternoon in the sun filled garden. Oh, I do love the sunshine! Then the female came home, I wandered into the house and gave her a lick ‘hello’ and she seemed really pleased.

A couple of days after this they took me back to the kennels and I was afraid they were going to leave me there but it was only to see Sari and do the paperwork so they could keep me! After that I knew that Mike and Sue were going to look after me and let me live with them for ever. The comfy bed under the stairs was mine to keep. They even changed my name and I became Flash, they say it’s because of the flash on my chest but I know it’s because I’m fast. Mind you they do keep saying something about irony.

Over the next couple of months I settled in nicely and, after much hard work from Mike leading and carrying, even learned how to use stairs. They wanted me to sleep on my bed but I didn’t like being left downstairs when they went to bed and made that fact perfectly clear. Then winter came and we had a couple of really windy nights and, like all greyhounds, I hate the wind. They took pity on me and they let me in the bedroom. That was it; I even got another bed upstairs. I’d cracked it!

Everything was wonderful. I was loved and cared for and had the odd outing, sometimes to the vet, but I’ll forgive them for that. Other times we went to a place called the ‘stables’ to see the hugest dogs you have ever seen! I’m not sure what breed they are but they’ve got long legs and noses like greyhounds but have a funny tail made of hair and weird long hair along their necks. They don’t bark either just make this odd whinnying noise, and they can eat grass without being told off! Mike says his used to race like me but I’ll bet I’m faster. I find it’s best to ignore them, that way they don’t exist. Mike changed his car for this great big pick-up and I love it I can lay on the back seat and look out of the window at everything that goes on, unlike in the car when I had to stand up, and the best bit is my windows are black so no-one can see me.

Anyway as I was saying everything was wonderful and then Mike and Sue started talking about making me Lee Jittimutt. What the heck did that mean? Were they going to do something to me, or simply swap me for someone/thing else? I had no idea but they kept saying it trying to make it sound good. I didn’t believe it but what could I do.

Then one Saturday when I’d been living with them for just over two years Mike took me out in the morning and we went back to the kennels and he left me!! I was sad; obviously this Lee Jittimutt was another dog they were going to love more than me. Never mind I thought, Sari and Mary still love me, so I’ll survive.

Then, oh joy, Mike and Sue came back two weeks later to pick me up. I was very wary, I still didn’t know who or where this Lee creature was but he wasn’t in the pick- up at that moment so I jumped in and staked my claim!

When we got home it all became clear. They’d gone off to the Seychelles and got married! It was me, I was Lee Jittimutt! Mind you they still call me Flash. Humans are weird!!