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Sam & Taffy

Rock the Clock (SAM) and Kafelnikov (TAFFY) were homed by Rhianne Frawley and Nigel Mitchell in January this year. We are delighted to see them both so happy in their new home - particularly Sam who was so often passed over being an older dog. Read their story.

"When we went to Watch Kennels we only intended re-homing one greyhound, however after meeting Sam and Taffy we couldn't choose between them, so they both came home for a weekend visit and never went back! We were a little apprehensive at first as we were unsure how two males would get on as they hadn't been kennel partners but it soon became clear they were going to be the best of friends when they curled up together on their first night.

Although they have settled in together very well they are both very different characters. Sam is quiet but very affectionate and always greets us ecstatically in the morning or when we get in from work. Taffy is far more boisterous and loves to play; when he decides to run around the house as fast as he can we know to move everything breakable very quickly! They have both amazed us with how quickly they have settled into living in a house, apart from finding their feet on the laminate flooring they have made the house their own. Neither dog goes upstairs and Taffy gave up attempting to climb on the sofa after a couple of weeks. They are very well mannered and don't beg for food although Taffy does have a penchant for coffee if a mug is left within reach.

We hope to take both dogs to obedience classes soon with the aim of practising recall. Whilst Sam will walk to heel (as long as there are no cats or small dogs nearby) I learnt the hard way that you will never outrun a greyhound (although it did provide some amusement to see my try) when Taffy made a bid for freedom from a "secure" field. This was an unusual burst of energy as Taffy generally has to be carried out of the house - he is that loath to leave his rug and fire!"

"We are delighted with our two chaps and especially happy that we re-homed an older dog. (Sam is 8 this year), we're glad we looked past his age and look forward to giving both Sam and Taffy a loving home for the rest of their lives."