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Training any dog requires consistentcy, committment and patience. We promise that your perseverance will pay off and help in building a loving relationship with greyhound.

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Basic Training | Toilet Training | Exercise
Obedience Training | Letting Off the Lead | Recall Training | Distraction Training | Letting Go | Introducing Pets


For a Short Distance Use 'COME'. Over Longer distances Use a Whistle

  • Can start with DINNER – call ‘COME’ or WHISTLE when dog is
    out of sight and reward with dinner.
  • Use an enclosed garden or private field.
  • 2 people needed and dog on long lead/knotted rope clipped onto
  • Person 1 takes dog away and holds at distance. Person 2 whistles
    (or calls name) then rewards and praise dog when it comes. Use a HAND SIGNAL or WAVE WHITE HANDCHERCHIEF or similar.
  • Allow dog (on long lead) to get engrossed then whistle/call and praise/reward when he responds. Slight tug on lead may help at first. You can do this on your own.
  • For shorter distances just use voice command ‘COME’ (can use
    COME and dogs’ Name).
  • Team up with other owners to practice recall.

CLICKER Training can also be used in place of voice command.
A basic, but clear, booklet can be bought with the clicker.