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Training any dog requires consistentcy, committment and patience. We promise that your perseverance will pay off and help in building a loving relationship with greyhound.

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You have started with your KEY COMMANDS – COME, NAME, NO, DOWN etc. Now you may decide you need some help or want your dog to learn more or to meet other dogs.

Most areas have a DOG TRAINING CLUB that you can join for a small fee. In 6 – 8 sessions you and your greyhound can learn the basics together and have fun. It is also good to be able to involve older children to encourage them to take more responsibility for the family pet.

Greyhounds are just dogs but some will have very limited experience of other breeds so the SOCIALISATION aspect of such classes can be crucial.

If a club doesn’t want you because you have a greyhound and ‘they can’t be trained’ or ‘they don’t like other dogs’ you will be much better off elsewhere. Most Greyhounds will do as well as any other dog although some will need to miss out ‘sitting’ if they find it awkward. Some greyhounds do go on to do quite advanced training. Many greyhound owners also own another breed of dog as well.