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  • Dogs Homed – September/October

    TESS (Brinklow Tess) has been homed by the Dines Allen Family (including their 2 cats) and she is now living very happily in Huntingdon.

    PEACH (Shelbourne Peach) was chosen by Pamela & John Minors. Dog owners in the past, Peach is their first greyhound and she made it clear to them that they were her choice.

    LADY (Shelbourne Lime) was chosen by Karen & David and daughter Saoirse. She is also their first greyhound and has settled into her new home and routine very happily.

    PIPPA ( Point Honcho) homed by Nikki & Ian Taylor. It is often a hard decision to have another dog after the death of one. Floyd was a lovely dog and greatly missed but Pippa with her bright and breezy character soon captivated the whole family.

    LEON (Specific Answer) has found his new and happy home with Helen & Tim Gant and daughters Megan, Emma and Alice. Oh, and not forgetting the 3 Guinea Pigs and Cord Snake.

    TESSA (Maxilla Mobile) we couldn’t understand why she was ‘left on the shelf’ all the time and neither could Sharon & Paul Toon and daughters Charlotte-Rose and Georgina. Tessa fell in love with them the moment they met and naturally it was reciprocated.

    OLLY ( WALLY– Roxholme Warrior) Here’s another one. Olly made it clear to Sharon Marriott that she had to give him a home and she couldn’t resist him. He loves his new home and doesn’t even mind the love birds.

    WILLY ( Abbeyfeale Jet) had to pass the test not just with Carole & Mike Bunyard and son James (that was the easy bit) but with SKYE their 9yr old fawn lurcher. A very pretty, small dog but with a character made of steel. She knew exactly which dog she would choose and thought Willy would know his place. They have become really close companions.

    SKIPPY ( Ogaras Skip Pass) impressed himself on the Miles family. Mandy & Bob and daughter Shelby (plus the guinea pigs) are delighted with their new dog and Skippy loves his new home.

  • Dogs Homed - July/August

    BUDDY (Larkhill Bud) came out of his shell and took to Louisa Horton & Hannah Belbin as soon as he met them. Luckily, as we had thought, he also took to their two Burmese cats. All three animals are getting along famously and even groom each other.

    BOBBY (Travel Keane) overlooked by so many people proved an instant hit with Tracy and Tony Henderson who were looking for a companion for their greyhound LIZZIE. Both greyhounds get on famously and make a very handsome couple.

    BARNEY (Barney Yeo Yeo) has been homed by Julia & Richard Orzechowski and set off with Richard by Euro Tunnel to France where he will live in rural splendour with Daisy their greyhound who has been quite lonely since the loss of Mick (Crockers Mick)

    TINA (Avondale Tina) has found a wonderful, loving home with Catherine& Jason Botting and their young son.

    DYLAN (Blissful Tinrah - PARKY) has also found a very happy home with Sonia & David Driver, daughter Michelle, PADDY the greyhound and ELLIE a very spry 13yr old Lurcher. Paddy and Dylan got on straight away and Ellie seemed happy to allow Dylan into her team whilst maintaining her aloofness and dignity.

    PEARL (Pearl of Tinrah) who has sometimes proved to bit a bit over exuberant for some visitors didn’t faze Eileen & John Smith and she has settled in really well even going to work with John and making friends with the office staff.

    DAISY (Drohans Spot - SPOT) has a lovely new name and a lovely new family Alison & David Homer, Emma 10, Sean & Katie 13yr and JACK a 5yr old Westie. Fences blown down in the recent storms didn’t deter their adoption although making it a bit costly !

    NATHAN (Nile Cruiser) has gained a sort of double family. His real owner is Jean Thomas and he has settled in instantly to his new home but not far away is Jeans’ daughter Madeleine, grandchildren Sarah & Christopher and they all go out walking together with CHARLIE a Dalmation and HATTIE an elderly Bassett.

    PURDEY (Purdey) met Ollie a Parsons Jack Russell and his owners Judy & Brian Shore. Both dogs got on famously and luckily Purdey also made a real fuss of Judy & Brian so she is now living happily with them.

    Dogs Homed - May/June

    TOBY (Best Spark) has found a fantastic home with Collette & Wesley Foote and their sons Lewis and Jorden. New to dog owning and wanting a bitch they actually fell in love with TOBY, (well who wouldn’t!) and he is a perfect family member.

    LUCY (Maxilla Miner - Tina) had no sooner arrived but was homed with Karen & Janet Bates and their dogs Zoe, Jaspar, Bonnie, PJ and Jaspar. A special girl for a special home !

    HENRY (Dark Star Henry) also needed a very special home & owner as he has quite limited mobility and road walking is not an option. Sarah Bromet found him. An experienced owner with a wonderful garden. He loves his new owner & home & all his new toys.

    JACK (Glendon Jack) loved by everyone but still waiting for a home has been adopted by his previous owners. Retired trainers Kevin and Kitty Berwick. Back where he started life and very happy.

    EDDIE (Greencourt Eagle) has also found a very happy home with Margaret & Jack Knight and their lovely brindle greyhound Maisie. A bit more lively than her previous Arnie but great to have another canine companion.

    Dogs Homed –April/May

    TEX (Terrydrum Dent) has found a very loving home with Kylie Roberts and her daughter Saffron. Tex has settled in so well it appears he has always lived with them and he is enjoying his walks.

    MONKEY (Nifty Gal – Vegas) has met her match with a very energetic Labrador called Oscar. They love playing together and Monkey also loves her new family, 4yr old Thomas and parents Emma & Trevor Cleaver-Cavalier

    TODD ( Boldmere Knight) has eased into his new home with Carole & Jim Barker as if he has been there for years. He is loving and gentle with the visiting grandchildren but is still learning how to behave with other dogs.

    LUCY ( Maxilla Miner- Tina) has found a lovely new home with Karen & Janet Bates and their dogs Zoe, Jaspar, Bonnie, PJ and Gypsy. Lucy has helped ease the loss of Bonny who died earlier this year.

    Dogs Homed – January – March

    CASSIE ( Carrons Knight) is living very happily with Sue and Keith Shale, their two sons and 9yr old Greyhound Sean.

    BRAG (Never Brag Twice) is living with Susanne and Robert Armitage and son Lee. Brag has settled in very well and proof that even our big greyhounds make loving family pets.

    MILLY (Compass Maude) has also found a loving home with Alison Lee, her partner Rob and their Greyhound Max. Milly and Max are both Blue Brindles and make a lovely if energetic couple.

    BETTY (On the Bru) met JACK a 7yr old Jack Russell and is now living happily at home with him and his owners Pauline and Graham Smith. She was bit of a challenge to start as she can be nervous and a bit giddy but she has settled in well now.

    MIKE ( Compass Mike) proved such a hit with Jennifer and Richard Green that they came back a few weeks later to home another greyhound;

    JAFFA (Safa Toolibuk SAFFA) was their choice. Well in fact Mikes’ choice. He and Jaffa had been kennel mates and they were delighted to see each other again. They are very happy enjoying their new life together with Jennifer and Richard.

    POPPY ( Watch Her) has found a home at the grand age of 8 ½ with Claire and Chris Wheatley who felt ready to home another girl after the sad loss of their lovely greyhound Elizabeth.

    DIZZY (Artic Duchess TITCH) has met a new companion BOB a 6yr old Lurcher and lives very happily (and playfully) with Bob and owners Andrea and Mick Green.

    BUSTER ( Watch For Buster) has travelled down the M1 towards Milton Keynes and found a loving home with Stephanie and Andy Rankine. They have a young family Alistair,Harry,Bryony and baby Naomi and not forgetting the 2 guinea pigs. Buster is used to children and loves his new family.

    SKYE ( Isle of Skye) is living very happily with Gemma Dayman and she is enjoying his company and taking him out for walks.

1/2007 - Dogs homed October - December!
GLADYS (Third Glance) is now called BEAUTY and living happily with the Probert family including 3yr old Caitlin and 6 yr old Tommy.

IZZY (Dizzy Dreams) is a ‘dream come true’ for Sally and Ben Holden

BREDA (Rathcrea Bird) now called POPPY has joined Elizabeth & Robert Pickworth with their 11yr greyhound JACK and their 2 horses.

PIPER ( Peter Optimist) is happily living with Sally and Roland, 4 yr old Dylan and TINKER their terrier.

JESS (Renard Coleen) fell in love with Rachel Johnson and Gareth Renowden and their settee!

DEAN (Deanpark Envoy) known at the kennels ‘as a right proper handful’ has met his match with Nick Dutton and Gareth Astell and is now a very well behaved and happy greyhound.

TESS (Cavity Key West) met theMcNeill family and now lives happily with Claire & Carl, children Erin & Murphy and the family cat.

MILLY (Premarket Tina) has settled well with Jan and Rod Natkiel and loves all the attention.

GRACE (Glendon Treasure) has joined Maureen & Roger Burns and their collie MAX and is enjoying her new life.