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  • 05/2006 - Dogs homed Mar-May!

    BECKY ( Precious Rebecca) has found a wonderful home with Susan and Tim Steel and has settled in remarkably well. Susan and Tim enjoyed the company of their greyhound Rosie until she died aged 16 and realised what a huge gap she had left. We know Becky will show them boundless affection.

    SADIE (Twinks Best) has also been very lucky and found a home with Julie Remington who has also been a greyhound owner and realised only another greyhound would do. Sadie is quite strong willed but Julie is the woman for the job!

    NATHAN ( Nile Cruiser) has got his second chance of a home with Jacquie and Dave Bosworth and their daughters. He is behaving beautifully and it seems as if he has always lived with them.

    MOLLY our 10mth old Puppy has been homed by Tracy and John Smith and their children Sam and Issac. They have another dog Elsie who has a lovely personality and she and Molly get on very well together. Molly is also very friendly with their two cats.

    ABI ( Compass Abi) has found a home with Simon and Jane Chapman, sons Andrew and Sam and our long time veteran Dawlish Jack. He is a great favourite here at the kennels and was looking for a new companion after the sad death of his partner Julie last year. Abi can be a bit bossy but has met her match in the ‘Grand Old Man’

    (Auntie Min) is living in perfect harmony with Sue and Steve Valentine, their children and Pippa their 11 yr old Collie. Pippa is used to greyhounds as she used to live with Ruby who sadly recently died.

    TESS ( we know her as LOLA - Best of My Love) has been homed by Jill Tovey and her Mother, Ivy Tovey. She is very lucky that she has the complete attention of both her owners who are both retired. The rest of the family who live nearby have all become very attached to her as well.

    SOLO ( Clemmas Solo) has been adopted by Mary & John Downey who have owned a variety of dogs over the years but now Mary is not as mobile as she used to be they have chosen a greyhound for her gentleness and good manners when walking.

    ALEX ( Millbrook Alex) was chosen by the Vostanis family who were looking for a new dog after the death of their Terrier Lou Lou. Alex shares his affection between Liz and Panos and the children Kimon,
    Phyllida and Alexander but he is not sure about the Guinea Pigs yet.

    LILY ( Go Tiger Lilly) is living in another Guinea Pig household! But she has plenty of love and companionship from Rachel and Mike Jones and 7 yr old Sam and 4 yr old Lucy. Now they wouldn’t be without her.

    KC ( KAREN - Cavity Karen) has been adopted by Sharon and Nick Orman. They were looking for a companion for their other new dog a 14yr old Dachshund called Jaydee. He was very overweight when they had him but now he has slimmed down and although quite poorly loves having KC as his friend.

    RICHARD ( Richard of Welow) who of course is Mandy and Karens brother has also shown he has quite a tolerant nature and has been adopted by Wendy and Dave Reynolds who also own an elderly cat. He was not so tolerant of the cockatiels but that has now been resolved.

  • 04/2006 - QUIZ NIGHT : This was great fun with the winners SUTTYS FAN CLUB making a substantial donation back to us from their winnings. The Fish and Chip Supper was great and many thanks to the Ex Servicemans Club in Hillmorton for their hospitality.(Manager Terry Elson and his wife Louise homed Belle last month) We raised £66.30

  • 04/2006 - Dogs homed Feb-Mar!

    SPIKE (RATHMEEHAN SPIKE) has found a very loving home with Melissa, Jay and their two little boys Montel and Darcy. Sadly their beautiful dog Billy suffered a severe an untreatable spinal injury and was put to sleep. They realised how much a greyhound had become part of their family life and felt Spike, a very different character to Bill, could be that new friend.

    NANCY a very pretty Blue greyhound has been homed by Shirley Hatchett and her 5 persian cats ! BEAU as she is now called is settling in despite some early nervousness - it must have been the new strange sounds from Shirleys Parrots.

    TESS (BRINKLOW TESS) has just eased into family life with Rebecca and Stuart Mackintosh, daughters Lauren, Bethany, Kate and Megan plus the 3 cats. She has the sweetest disposition and is very gentle and loving with the children who are 11, 9, 4 and 1 yr old.

    BEAUTY (BLACK BALLERINA) is now called DARCY (think about it!) and has been homed by Kate and Glen Turner and their lovely greyhound HARVEY. The two dogs are enjoying each others company although Darcy has a bit to learn from Harvey who is one of the best trained greyhounds you would ever meet. He has done his standard dog training classes and the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards.

  • 03/2006 - Many thanks to Karen Webster for her very generous support in sponsoring: MAX and SPIKE

  • 03/2006 - Dogs homed Jan-Feb!

    LOU LOU (PIKE QUEEN) We called her the Canine Canonball but she won the hearts of Sarah Parry and Philip Ireland. She is now settled in with them and they can’t imagine life without her.

    LIZZIE (JUMPINTHELIFFEY or LADY) is living with Tracy and Tone Henderson and their two daughters Natasha and Tania. She settled in instantly with the family –went on her weekend visit and never came back except to sign her adoption papers.

    SANDY (SANTOI CROFT) has found a wonderful home with Grace and Stan Hallard. They have wanted to home a greyhound for a long time but waited for the time to be right and have found the perfect companion.

    TANGO (DACANGO KID) sometimes missed out by being over boisterous or not interested. That all changed when he first met Andrew and Elizabeth Wells and he showed instantly that these were the people he had been waiting for.

    BELLE (COOLEMOUNT BELLE) has been adopted by Louise and Terry Elson and their family.. They had seen her racing and were very interested in homing her when she retired. She is busy making friends with Terrys’ customers

    DANNY (BALLYDANIEL RUM) has gone of with Jeff and Christine Taylor and their children Kyle and Lisa wearing his new blue coat- he has just become a Chelsea Supporter! He has his George Cross raincoat ready as well for the World Cup.

    HARRY (HUNGRY FOR LAND) has been adopted by the O’Sullivan family. They came to meet some small bitches but fell in love with Harry – one of the biggest dogs in the kennel but they saw what we knew. Harry is a loving and gentle dog with a huge heart.

    LEAH (LEAHS CHARM) has been adopted by Paul Alexander and will be a companion for his beautiful greyhound Jack who was feeling quite lonely when his greyhound companion died but now is happy to have a new friend.

  • 01/2006 - Dogs homed Dec-Jan!

    SMILER (Big FELLA) has found an idyllic home with Agnieszka Engler and Joe Puntoni. Agnieszka has been training Smiler most successfully by following Jan Fennells principles.

    ANDY (COMPASS ANDY) fixed the Whitehead family in his sights and they were his! Now Mark, Ann, Rebecca and Lucy wouldn’t be without him and he has settled in really well to family life. We are just waiting for Mr.Whitehead Snr to retire so he can have a greyhound as well!

    BLUE (COMPASS PETE) is quite happy with his new name as he has such a lovely home with Biddy and Byron Reid. They have downsized from Irish Wolfhounds to Greyhounds but whatever breed are true dog lovers.

    SONNY (SONNY TIGER) has been adopted directly from his racing owners by Maureen and Mark Slater. He loves his new home and garden and all the attention he is getting.