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  • 12/2005 - Dogs homed Nov-Dec!

    LOUIE (Blondies Louie) has been homed by Leo Cermak. When all her documents are in order she will be leaving Birmingham and travelling with Leo to his parents’ house in the Czech Republic.

    CELTIC (Celtic Guardian) has now gone to live happily with Glynis and Terry Chewlow who have owned Bassett Hounds in the past but have now gone for a longer legged variety of hound.

    ELLIE has been adopted by Dawn Dunckley and Nigel Hughes. She loves her new life and doesn’t mind sharing her new owners with 2 cockatiels!.

    JORDEN met Vicky and David Furnivall and they didn’t stand a chance! So all are now very happy enjoying their new life together.

    LILY (Forever Fuschia) is living very contentedly with the Redhead Family: Teresa and Steven plus children Connor ( 10yrs) and Zak (3yrs).

    PRINCE (Glasha Prince) another greyhound who is very good withchildren has been homed by Jason and Paula Relton and their children Christina,Zak ansd Tyler.

    BESS (Brownstown Sugar) is now living with Betty and Malcolm Knowles, Grandson Callum and has already met quite a few residents of the care Home where Betty is warden.

    TONY (Compass Tony) proved a great hit with Jane Sherriff and Matthew Dunn and has settled in beautifully with them

  • 12/2005 - New Sponsors!

    Celtic Guardian sponsored by Bev and Dave Nicol ( owners of Lindy and Mac). Also Leahs Charm sponsored by Mr.Mrs Wynne.

  • 10/2005 - Quiz Night

    The night at the Walsgrave Hospital Social Club was also a great success. About 50 of us battled it out on the quiz front with ‘ TEAM SUTTY’ emerging strong winners. It was great fun and once again ably run by Chris and Paul. The supper provided by the club was excellent and we raised a total of £158.80.

  • 10/2005 - Ryton Sponsored Walk

    This years' walk was a great success. The weather was kind to us and a lot of owners and dogs turned out. Sponsorship money raised so far is a very healthy £456.00. Many thanks to everyone.

  • 02/10/2005 - Our Greyhounds Homed Since the end of September
    LUCY (Bethanlucygold) was snapped up Lucy and Stuart Jones and their children – 4yr old Bradley and 2yr old Megan. She has settled in beautifully with the family. We are so pleased she found such a lovely home so quickly after we took the decision to split her and Toby up.

    LOLLIPOPS, seen by some as old at 6yrs was chosen by Helena Rouse (well, Lollipops chose Helena) and is very happy and loves the grandchildren.. Helena has wanted to have a dog for a long time but was waiting for the right circumstances.

    VICTOR (Torbal Victor) has been homed by Trudi and Gary Evans and their children Frankie and Curtis. Victor has been a bit bossy and has had to be shown he is last in line. He is about to start his dog training classes and we wish him well.

    OSCAR ( Maxilla Mara). Sadly Lottie owned by Wendy and Andrew Webb died earlier this year but they have now given a loving home to Oscar who looks as if he has been with them for years.

    SAFFIE (Brownstown Plea or Sophie as we called her) has a new name as well as new home with the Stevens family and their greyhound GUINESS. As a young greyhound Saffie has put a new spring in 10yr old Guiness’ step and they are devoted to each other.

    SUKI ( Silk Castle) is now living very happily with Pat Fisher. After a few hours she seemed to have been there for ever and is much admired by all the neighbours. Let’s hope she attracts more potential owners from Pats’ neighbourhood.

    HECTOR ( Knockaun Hector) sometimes a bit shy with new people promptly decided that Margaret and Brian Smith were going to adopt him. He loves their grandchildren Emily and Katie as much as they love him and really enjoys the girls grooming him.

    JACQUI (Try Again Jacqui) another one who can be a bit stand offish also made her own selection and chose Diane, Dave, Leanne and Katrina Ancell as her new family and is showing them how very loving and affectionate greyhounds can be.

    BOBBY ( Confident Bullet) has passed the test in the Ridgway household with the two cats. He is now settled with Mary and Gary, Honey their other greyhound and the two ( very bossy) cats. Sadly, Dancer their other greyhound died in September after a short illness at 11yrs old.


  • 10/2005 - Sponsorships

    This year we are very grateful to Sarah Oakley for sponsoring TOBY & LUCY, Karen Webster for BILL, and Jo Beckett and family for sponsoring SOPHIE. Sponsorship helps us considerably and allows us to supply the walking out coat free of charge to the new owners as well as covering the cost of the lead, collar and muzzle.

  • 02/10/2005 - Our Greyhounds Homed Since August

    CHARLIE (Compass Charlie) was an instant hit with Don and Madge Walker. Well, to be precise, they were an instant hit with him! There was no way he was goin to let them off the hook and he is now living with them and enjoying his walks and meeting other dogs. A classic case of the 'dog choosing it's new owners'!

    SCOOBY (Princethorpe Star) met Janis and Phil Stamp who fell in love with his lively personality and once again, of all of the greyhounds they met here, he made it quite clear they were his new owners. He lives on a farm estate now so has lots of lovely places to go walking.

    LOLLY (Slahany Jewel) big and very beautiful but a bit shy and cautious soon caught the eye of those old hands at home the Taylor family. While their greyhound Floys was here on his holiday he met a few bitches and definitely took a shine to Lolly. Fortunately the feeling was mutual and when she met the family she showed straight away that these were the people she could trust and live happily with.

    BILL (Java Champ) also did the choosing and has settled in very quickly to his new home with Melissa, Jay, 9yr old Montal and 5yr old Darcy. They bought all his grooming equipment when they adopted him but he'd been stroked so much on his weekend visit with the family that his coat was gleeming like never before. Bill went home a few times before his actual adoption - it is vital that a family with young children are absolutely confident about having a dog in the house and that their children also understand how to behave around a dog.

  • 22/08/2005 - More Dogs to Happy Homes

    We are pleased to announce the homing of these four greyhounds:

    JILL (Blondies Jill) has been homed by Julia and Peter Barclay and their children Sarah and Tom. After a few days following Julia everywhere she has settled in really well and has a lovely home.

    JAKE (Thakary) has also found a lovely home with Elaine and Andy Hughes and their sons Jack and Patrick. Jake made all the running and made it quite clear that no other family would do. He loves playing football with Jack and the family are looking forward to joining a local dog training class.

    TOBY (Radical Toby) has gained new owners. He has gone to live with Ashley Raine, her husband Brian and their 2 daughters Ellena and Maddy. Toby has made himself right at home with the family but will still insist on trying out the sofa when no-one is looking!

    CHARLIE (Compass Charlie) has joined Donald and Madge Walker. He has already made great friends with the rest of the family especially the Grand Children.

  • 08/2005 - Summer Has Been a Busy Month For our Owners Too!

    Flash (Truckers Corner) came to stay while his owners Sue and Mike went off for an idyllic holiday which also just happened to include their wedding!

    Congratulations also to Rhianne and Nigel Mitchell on their wedding. Sam and Taffy their greyhounds came to stay with us for the weekend and it was lovely to see them looking so well and happy together.

    Lucy and Phil Langhorn who own Penny and Ellie have a new addition to the family – a baby boy called Connor and they tell me the dogs are perfectly behaved.

  • 06/2005 - Rugby and Coventry RGT Summer Fete

    Our summer fete on June 12th was great fun in spite of the cold and windy weather, the Bilton Silver Band were a great hit playing throughout the afternoon and George Atkinson, our MC, who is so generous with his time and kept the whole proceedings buzzing along.

    The dog Show was also very popular and many grateful thanks to our judges : Paula Clare (NGRC Ear Marking Steward, Rick Van Eggermond (Dog Psychologist) Lauren Duffy (Artist) and Sue Drakeford (Swimming and Diving Instructor). The judging was taken extremly seriously and a lot of time was spent in 'judging huddles' with George having some splendid conversations with all the competitorswhile they awaitedtheir fate! Due to some technical problems we do not have the full list of prize winners and it would not be fair to print a partial list. Look at our photos and email me if your dog is there and we can add a caption. Click here for photos of our fete.

  • Rick Van Eggermond, who was also at the fete answering queries as well as judging has also agreed to hold a Q&A session one evening later this year-please let me know if you would find this useful.

    Peter Greatrex, a potrait photographer, took photo's to order which we have supplied in 9 x 6 format by post. If you want to purchase any ofthe photos shown here please contact me. They will cost £3 each.

    Raffle prize winners were : Derek Makepeace, JackieMcGuffie, Mark Tray, Brenda Nigam, Richard Willis, Mrs Swain and Malcolm Benny. Many thanks to all the donors of raffle prizes.

  • 05/2005 - Coventry Council Canine Capers and Animal Antics

    This took place on May 15th in Coventry War Memorial Park. The weather was beautiful and all the greyhounds in the parade behaved wonderfully and earned lots of admiring applause and attention. We had a lot of interest at our stall which was busy with visitors all afternoon.

    We certainly hope to be invited to attend next year. Many thanks to everyone who helped transport and parade the greyhounds and who set up and staffed the stall.

  • 05/2005 - QUIZ NIGHT

    This took place at the Old Laurentians Rugby Club in Rugby. About 50 people attended and had a most enjoyable evening with a lot of hilarity (the bar!), barracking of the excellent quizmasters, and an admirable supper cooked and served by William and Angela Bracken Hill. With the raffle we raised a welcome £150.00

  • 05/05/2005 - New Website Launched

    The Rugby & Coventry Branch of the Retired Greyhound trust are pleased to announce the publishing of their new website.

    Our new site is packed full of useful information for greyhound owners, and holds the details of all of our dogs looking for good homes.

    We hope you enjoy your visit to the site and welcome any comments you may have - email us by clicking here.