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  • Dogs Homed – May - June

WALLY (Jo Commando) was homed by Janet and Nigel Taylor. They were looking for a male and met three but WALLY was the winner by a long way with his `winning' ways.

PAM (Bird Stump) met Dave, Sharon and Liam Hickling when they called in for a cup of tea after the sad death of CHLOE. They wanted to take a greyhound for a walk to cheer themselves up but Pam was so loving towards them .... The rest is history !

BEAUTY (Cute Tink) is one of those special greyhounds who proves all the doubters wrong. She is living very happily with her new name, Amanda & Carl Bright, their 3 Children David, Adam & Jamie AND SCRAPPY their Yorkie X JR and 2 cats.

JONATHON ( Compass Jonathon) I was beginning to think this gorgeous boy was getting left on the shelf - a subject for many sleepless nights BUT as so often happens all has ended happily. Martin Green came to see us and he and Jonathon established an instant rapport and now Jonathon is living very happily with Martin.

DAISY (Prodigy Destiny) I thought Sara Townsend was thinking of homing one greyhound AND It was a complete surprise when she said she wanted a pair.

TOPIA (Watch Her Top) Daisy needed to behomed with a partner as she can be a bit unsure and Sara asked us to try her with Topia. Perfect ! This was also the first time Topia has met anyone and now she and Daisy are living so happily together.

EASY (Take It easy) has proved to be perfect as the new family member with Wendy & Richard Evans, Lauren (7) and Lily (3). He loves Grandma reading him stories and is A very loving,gentle boy but also discovering his playful side.

SHINE (Shine) has found a very happy and loving home with Sharon & Ian Grieves, Matthew(5) and Jamie (8). Both the children love grooming him and that suits Shine as he loves the attention.

BOB (Compass Bob) has found his perfect family as well: The Armitage Family,having so sadly lost Brag have given Bob a new home and he loves it and Lee has a new friend.

HOLLY (Maxilla Moo) has not only been given a lovely home with Ann and Roger Smith but she also has a lovely new playmate: Jess a 12 weeks old golden retriever puppy.

TOPIA (Watch Her Top) owes her lovely new life, not just to her new owner, but to everyone who helps us so much financially so we were able to pay for all her treatment .

  • Dogs Homed – January - February

BUDDY ( Buddys Luck) and JENNY (Buzz Off aka ROXIE) our lovely,inseperable pair of greyhounds have found a lovely home together with Maureen and Julian Ingleby. Sadly, their lovely lurcher CHINA died just before Christmas and they decided to home a pair of dogs this time. They have both settled into their new home beautifully.

JANE (Fanabe Fonda) has joined DIGGER and his family: Louise & Mark Tray and their 5 sons. A very special greyhound (as Digger is) to live in a busy household where Louise also works as a childminder. Digger is very happy as he had been feeling a bit sad since Maisie ,the family collie cross, died last year aged 17yrs.

TED (CLASSY PERFORMER) had to pass the test of meeting Amy,Steph & Lucy and their parents Marie & Brendan Chivers plus SUSIE their 10yr old Cocker Spaniel. TED proved a great hit with everyone - especially Susie and has settled into his new home very happily.

PURDEY has found a lovely home with Jean Iley, who is retired now, and loves her new life with lots of love and attention. She enjoys lovely walks and Jean has become used to a slightly bigger dog than her last pet - a lakeland terrier.

OOZIE ( Black Sabath). Julie & Kevin Howat decided to get a dog but weren’t sure which breed would suit them. They came to see us and OZZIE decided that they were perfect greyhound owners and that was that. He has settled in really well and Julie & Kevin are delighted with him.

BECKY (Ball Night aka BETTY) has been waiting a long time for a home and Marjorie Whales has been waiting a long time for a greyhound but needed to get a lot of building work finished before she could actually adopt one. They met, liked each other, and the rest as they say is history - Betty loves her new home, and all the attention, and Marjorie loves
her new companion. Betty was a tricky one as she can be a bit demanding but her new owner is practised with training dogs and has got the measure of her.

  • November - January

CLARA (I’m From Croghan: FLO) who had been missing her old friend Charlie and her home has found wonderful new friends. Joyce Ely and her greyhound SUSIE have welcomed her into their home and she is very happy.

GEORGE ( Leyden). We didn’t even get his picture done but George was picked by Rebecca Burns. He has settled in really well and has beautiful manners. Rebecca wouldn’t let us have him back for anything.

PEGGY (Killeacle Louise) has joined quite a busy ,lively household with Gwenda and Barry Smith, 4 children Christian, Danny, Megan & Joshua and a horse. Well, the horse lives in a stable but Peggy has taken to life at home really well.

OLLY (Sky Court) Another one who found his perfect owners instantly. Stacey & James Kerslake are good friends with Julie Remington and SADIE (Twinks Best) & decided that a greyhound was also their choice.

PADDY (Double Savings) has joined quite a busy family with Claireinda & Andy Fish, 3yr old Jake and 5yr old Jodie. He loves life with his new family.

QUEENIE (Artic Queen) had an instant rapport with Diane & Gordon Woods and also gets on well with the visiting grandchildren. She gets lots of attention as Gordon has recently retired and enjoys walking her.

SADIE (Nametab Mumbles) proved to be the ideal companion for Sarah & Craig Bridgman and 7yr old Evan. She settled into her new life at once.

WHISTLER (Chapelgate Lad—BUSTER) passed the test of being a good companion for OZZIE a lively 7yr old Lurcher and has been homed by Claire Barbour and is settling in well although very keen on tea.