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Training any dog requires consistentcy, committment and patience. We promise that your perseverance will pay off and help in building a loving relationship with greyhound.

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LETTING OFF THE LEAD - Never Unless You Have Total Control!

Instinct can take over if your dog sees movement ( it may be a plastic bag blowing around) even at great distances. Remember they are SIGHT HOUNDS with a natural instinct to chase.

Use the BOX MUZZLE – when you go out At least initially until you are comfortable with the way your dog behaves towards other animals.

All dogs (of any breed) can decide to go ‘deaf’ when something interesting crops up and the owner is frantically calling them. Greyhounds are sight hounds so scan for movement at a distance and can move incredibly fast – harder to recall sometimes than the ‘deaf’ Labrador who is sniffing intently a few feet away from you!

No pet dog should ever be let off the lead in inappropriate places or without adequate recall training.

See; Obedience Training | Introducing Pets | Recall Training