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We ask for a minimum donation of £150.00 which includes a lead/collar/muzzle and house collar.

  • When a greyhound is adopted you become the registered owner.
  • You will be given a current vaccination card and can choose to have 4 wks free Insurance Cover with Pet Plan.

You Will Also Need approx Cost
Waterproof / Fleece Lined Walking Out Coat £15.00
Feed and Water Bowls £10.00
Bedding a Single Duvet or Vet Bed is ideal
Grooming Equipment (Brush and Flea Comb) £16.00
Toothbrush and Dog Toothpaste £8.00
Name Tag to go on House Collar some Pet Stores have DIY Tags
Recurring Cost Interval approx Cost
Worming 3 Monthly £24 - £48 / Yr
Flea Treatment 3 Monthly £20 - £40 / Yr
Booster Vaccinations Annual £15 - £25 / Yr

It is strongly recommended that you consider Pet Insurance as unforeseen veterinary costs can occur with any pet.

As an owner of a retired greyhound your details will be held on the NGRC data base and your dog, if lost, can be traced by the ear marks to you instantly.