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  • Greyhounds make wonderful pets. Some will be ideal as gentle and loving companions for young children or elderly people.
  • Most only want 2 twenty minute walks a day but some will adjust adjust to walking for longer if that's what the owner likes.
  • Most ex racers walk without pulling ahead and can adjust their pace to their companion - walking alongside the buggy on the school run or with an elderly person or dog or enjoying a brisker more purposeful with an energetic owner.

They are not called "couch potatoes" for nothing. Many just love to laze around all day.

Their short,fine coats are easy to keep clean and they do not shed hair all over the place making them ideal companions for the young or elderly.

Greyhounds can be trained just as any other breed of dog. They may not be as "bright" as a collie for example but perhaps more than any other breed of dog they are happy to let their owner be the boss and are eager to please.

They will live quite happily with other breeds of dogs and some will live with cats and other pets.

BUT above all they are all individuals and we can help you find your perfect companion.

Once you have owned a greyhound you will always own one. Indeed, some people decide they would actually like to home a pair of greyhounds!